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2008 KBA Rapida 105-8+LX+UV   SOLD SOLD

2008 KBA Rapida 105-8+LX+UV Hybrid
29" x 41" 8-Color, Inline Harris & Bruno Anilox Tower Coater, SIS Sensonic Infeed System, Kersten AntiStatic, Sheet Cleaner, VariDamp Dampening, Ergotronic + Qualtronic Console, Densitronic Basic Closed Loop, FAPC Full Automatic Simultaneous Plate Changers, (3) VariDry Interdeck UV Lamps, (3) VariDry End of Press UV Lamps, Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket and Impression Cylinder Washers, Technotrans Ink Temperature Control and Refrigeration, Extended Delivery, IR/HA Dryer, 450mm Elevation Kit, Board Version over 18pt., Approximately 97mm Impressions - Reference 8526X1